SCO News Roundup

No news from Kimball, and no 10K today.

The stock was up again, for some reason. I think they’re desperately trying to milk it for all it’s worth, in the little time they have remaining.

TheStreet has a new article about Cohen & TICC.

You can only read page 1 unless you give them money.

Daniel Lyons has a new article out, though it’s not really about SCO or Linux.

At one point he says “Streambase runs on industry standard servers running Intel microprocessors and the Linux operating system”. So (perhaps inadvertently) he used the term “industry standard” to refer to Linux on Intel. And he didn’t start swearing or frothing at the mouth when the word “Linux” came up, which has got to be a positive sign.

Qantas is apparently switching to Linux.

Probably because it never crashes.;1233539289;fp;4;fpid;3

Also, Linux continues to grow in India:

When the Canopy soap opera is over, Yarro’s going to need a new job.

Lucky for him, he can still go back to his Amiga roots. The remaining devotees have spent years drooling and fawning over a succession of shady fly-by-night operators who keep promising a grand revival of the One True Computer. I imagine Yarro can find a lucrative niche somewhere in there. All sorts of exciting Amiga news can be found here:

In addition to its many other well-known civic attractions, Lindon, UT, is home to a genuine haunted steel mill.

Well, either it’s haunted, or the locals are gullible. I report. You decide.

Police blotters for various wholesome towns in the greater Lindon metropolitan area: rticle&sid=5680&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0 rticle&sid=5677&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0 rticle&sid=5693&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

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