Roundup of the day

First, two new filings in the IBM case.

Doc 390: IBM’s “duces tecum” subpoena to HP.

Duces tecum means IBM wants HP to hand over documents and materials relating to SCO. I agree with the theory others have proposed, suggesting that the recent rash of subpoenas to third parties is related to IBM’s Lanham Act claims against SCO. I’m sure it also doesn’t hurt to turn up the heat on anybody perceived as being a friend or partner of SCO, since this will help keep anyone from sinking more cash into SCO like the old MS+Sun thing.

Doc 391: IBM has objections to the recent Wells order and wants until Feb. 11th to file a response.

They want a chance to sort things out with Judge Wells first, while retaining their right to talk to Kimball about it later. GL has a story about this right now. Seems we’re not the only people who thought the Wells order was weird and uninformed. I have a feeling SCO will ultimately get some additional code out of this, for all the good it’ll do them, but this will stretch the process out for a couple of more months. And during those months SCO will continue burning its remaining cash.

In case you missed it, here’s the latest Mims article about the Canopy shakeup.

Anyone who thinks investigative journalism is dead hasn’t been following Mims’ work on the Canopy situation. Toward the end, he’s got really choice quotes from both Enderle and Didio. Enderle calls the whole thing a “train wreck”.

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