SCO News Roundup

Top stories
  • SCO’s 10-K delayed!
  • Canopy vs. Yarro et. al.
  • Palmisano-related delay in SCO v. IBM

But you knew about those already. Here’s some other stuff I came across:

Not content with bashing Linux, O’Gara has it out for OpenSolaris too.

Seems HP doesn’t think it’ll have much impact, which isn’t surprising considering that it’s a competitor’s product. I mean, what exactly did she expect them to say? This is news?

Meanwhile, Enderle’s getting increasingly desperate trying to keep his Apple-bashing shtick going.

He’s been predicting the imminent doom of Apple for like 20 years now. Apple-bashing probably put his kids through college, or paid for their rehab or something. Their consistent failure to go under is the one thing that’s kept him from going under all these years. He should show a little more gratitude.

But no. Now all he’s got is to warn people that the new iMac threatens kids with falling glass during an earthquake (which is untrue), and he still thinks it’d be great if they’d learn to be more like Dell & Gateway. He also persists in calling the Mac mini a “player”, since he’s still trying to shill his “media hub” nonsense.

Growing acceptance for Linux in the financial services sector, which is one of the most conservative markets out there. Many institutions have been using OS/2 all this time, and never made the switch to Windows.,39024651,39127459,00.htm
Growing acceptance for Linux in the government sector.

Actually this is more of a Samba article than a Linux article, but hey.

Growing acceptance for Linux in the retail point-of-sale market.

Another story of switching to Linux from OS/2. And does IBM sue its old OS/2 customers when they make the switch? That would be “no”.,10801,99344,00.html

Another 64-bit Linux distro, this time from Korea.

SCO was hoping they could put an end to Linux on 64-bit chips, but this genie’s already out of the bottle. And SCO never owned the bottle to begin with.

Yet another Linux PDA.

Seems like there’s another one of these every time I do a news roundup.

A couple of really tiny Linux single-board computers for the embedded market, one of which claims to be the world’s smallest Linux gadget.

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