SCO News Roundup

Still no info on, which I’m sure comes as a great surprise and shock to all gentle readers here on the SCOX board.
Some items from comp.unix.sco.misc, since it’s a slow day for regular news.

Here’s a poor sap who’s trying to convert a PCL file to PDF on an OpenServer box. He’s got to use a tool from the GPL’d ghostscript package to do the trick, since there are no commercial tools, from Adobe or otherwise, that do this on SCO operating systems. But you can get commercial Acrobat tools from Adobe for Linux.
Hmm. They obviously must be against capitalism or something; there’s no other conceivable explanation, I’m sure.

And alas, he can’t get the necessary tool to link on OpenServer. Poor bastard. 74f5f2cbe8e4/5341f95a1c8f8f68#5341f95a1c8f8f68

Haven’t heard much out of Boies lately. Here’s an apparent fansite about him, complete with fan “art”.

The “Back” link takes you to a page that appears to link to some fan fiction, but it sounds like something I’d regret reading.
Another doctored Boies photo …
One more item, a recent thread about Medical Manager, one of the “big” SCO-only commercial apps out there, and a mainstay of SCO’s remaining medical office niche.

People are fed up with it, and especially fed up with the company that makes it. view=0&ID_Message=218&LastModified=4675488234816162470

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