SCO News Roundup

An article on the growing use of Linux by small & medium businesses in Asia.

Funny, I thought I heard that the SMB/SME market was SCO’s eternal ironclad stronghold. Huh. Guess not.

Here’s an article that’s mostly about Red Hat, but it mentions SCO in passing.

As a Linux company. Huh. I thought word had gotten out about that.

This article says Sun’s OpenSolaris is due out on Tuesday, and discusses its future prospects.

A good article. Mentions SCO in passing, and suggests that Sun believes its 2003 licensing deal with SCO gives it the right to open-source Solaris. We’ll see if SCO sues. I can’t think of a better way to get free positive PR and sympathy in the tech industry than to get sued by SCO. New lawsuits aren’t covered by the fee deal with Boies, and would burn even more of SCO’s cash, so I’m kind of hoping they do sue over this.,39024650,39175100,00.htm

The ultimate Linux PDA is now available in an English version, courtesy of the nice folks at Dynamism.

Here’s the latest exciting crime from ever-so-wholesome Lindon, Utah, SCO’s hometown.

A stabbing in the local Wal-Mart parking lot. The perp was trying to shoplift at the time.

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