SCO News Roundup

Well, the big news is the Wells ruling, which you already know about.
Here’s a report about a new SCO UnixWare denial-of-service vulnerability:

Here’s another vulnerability, this time a scenario where user processes can escape from a “chroot jail”

Here’s a company that uses the uber-valuable brand name “XENIX” on some of its case-modder hardware.

I wonder how long it’ll be until SCO sues them for trademark infringement? Here’s an 31337 keyboard that lights up all fancy-like: =XIKBB&Category_Code=ID

Oh, wait. The USPTO says the trademark on the name “Xenix” has expired, and besides, it belonged to M$, not OldSCO:
But a company in Connecticut has the right to use the name in connection with lighting fixtures:
Here’s some more amusing FUD.

The byline is not O’Gara, for once, but she may be using a pseudonym, since the writing style is clearly all hers:
Fresh off today’s glorious victory in a minor discovery matter, Darl strikes a triumphant pose in his new official corporate portrait:
I can’t tell if this is Blake or one of SCO’s PR second-stringers.

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