SCO News Roundup

Whenever QNC gets out of solitary again, this ought to give him/her/it an aneurysm — real live commies joining OSDL!!!

Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him?

Here are some more IBM patents, which they’ll be happy to let you use in your open source projects

This article talks about the growth of Linux in the Small & Medium Business (SMB) market, due in part to increased channel sales.

The SMB market has been one of SCO’s very few remaining niches, but now it looks like they’re being turfed out of it, which is fantastic.

Here are a couple of things the nice folks at Hatch, James, & Dodge are doing when they aren’t helping out with this stock scam.

For those who missed it before, here’s some info on Mr. Hatch’s participation in a firm called Medallion Financial, a shyster outfit that loans money to taxi drivers, using their taxicab medallions as collateral:

Brent Hatch is designated counsel for the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, Local 8, for the state of Utah.

In the same vein, he’s also designated counsel for the local Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers:

It seems that this representation entails a bit of asbestos-related litigation:

Given his work in the SCO case, you’d figure he’d be working for the pro-asbestos side, but I guess that’s not where the money is.

They’re also involved in some sort of electric utility matter in Utah, but it’s not clear exactly what they’re up to:’s%20Motion%20for%20Leave%20to%20File%20Direct%20Testimony9-28-04.doc

At least one former HJ&D laywyer is now a federal judge, as of 2002:

Hatch, and several others with the surname Hatch, donated to the campaign of the new Governor of Utah:

He’s also not above doing a little personal injury work:

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