SCO News Roundup

In the absence of any word from Judge Kimball, today’s catch is mostly Linux news again, which is fine, since snide anti-SCO comments are always appropriate in relation to any Linux news item.

The Itanium thing has come up repeatedly in the last few days, given the M$ decision to give up on the chip.

Novell and HP apparently don’t see things that way, since you can now buy an Itanium box direct from HP with SuSE 9 preinstalled. Golly. 64-bit Linux. Maybe SCO will sue them over it?

More Linux Itanium news

Another big SGI Altix system has been installed, this time at NCSA in Illinois:

SCO may intend to conquer the 64-bit market when/if Legend ships, but I think this boat’s already left the dock without them.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the computing spectrum

Here’s some PR from the CES show regarding some sort of new gadget that runs embedded Linux on a Transmeta chip. (Ah, Transmeta, remember them?)

Another interesting Linux gadget from Archos.

Yet another cool Linux-based gadget from CES

SCO may intend to conquer the embedded market with Smallfoot, but it looks like they’ve missed this boat, too.

Meanwhile, Baystar’s found a nice new friend to lay some PIPE with

Also, here’s the latest political weirdness from Lindon,1249,600102869,00.html

Here’s what Vintela’s up to these days,289142,sid1_gci1042002,00.html

And Helius is staying busy, too

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