SCO News Roundup

Well, actually a lot of this is Linux news, not SCO news specifically. It seems there’s not as much SCO news as there used to be. I wonder why that might be?

If you don’t feel like reading all the news items, in general the dry ones are near the top, and the juicier ones toward the bottom.

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 for Linux is now available.

I’m sure a UnixWare version is due real soon now. It must’ve just slipped their minds or something. -Acrobat—-&story_id=29519

The armed forces of India are deploying Linux handhelds in the field

Here’s another pundit who just doesn’t get it.

He claims that since you can get Solaris 10 for free, Linux is doomed. “Free” in this sense means beer, not speech; you get free binaries, not source, so far, despite all of Sun’s talk. Also, they’re charging for support, and you’re definitely going to need some.

Recall that Solaris x86 has been available either for free or for a nominal price on and off for quite some time now, and it hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. To teh noom, any day now.

Another entry in the Dueling TCO Study Wars tory_id=29477

Our friends at Mandrake want their piece of the corporate Linux pie

Or, if you’re a total dork with nothing better to do with your time

Here are some reasons you might want to try Gentoo:

A handy Emacs tip for Linux users

(I just can’t resist Emacs-related news items.)

In honor of Ralph Yarro, who got his start in Canopyland as an Amiga-usin’ graphic artist

Here’s the latest “Commodore rises from the grave” story:

Here’s a neat Usenet thread

A guy asks for an update on the SCO situation, and one response suggests that the best place to get info is this very Yahoo board. We are supposedly informative, and a hoot, too: e912959b097/683ad6f5c136c29a?q=sco&_done=%2Fgroups%3Fq%3Dsco%26start%3D30%26scor ing%3Dd%26&_doneTitle=Back+to+Search&&d#683ad6f5c136c29a

Darl has been productized

The latest weird crime out of Lindon, UT.

I bet the culprit was a SCO exec, who drunkenly mistook the victims for penguins:

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