SCO News Roundup

Here’s the first media story I’ve seen about today’s Novell filing.

So there’s at least one trade press journalist out there who’s been paying attention.

As mentioned earlier, here’s the PR from a few days ago regarding Ty Mattingly’s new gig

I came across an interesting site that tracks articles & columns by author.

Our buddy Daniel Lyons is among the authors they track, so you can find a listing of his articles from the last 2 years here:

His latest article, dated October 18th, is shilling some networking gear startup that Lyons is sure will kill Cisco, despite the fact that they’ve only sold a handful of boxes so far.

Boies was in Seattle last Friday.

Amusingly, he was giving a talk about “Effective use of Discovery & Depositions”. It would’ve been fun to ask him about his firm’s use of discovery & depositions in the SCO case, and whether he felt it had been “effective”.

In other Boies news

A school in DC has named him an “Outstanding Learning Disabled Achiever”

He’s also helping Court TV sue the state of NY.

I imagine the idea is that if you get on Court TV’s good side, they’ll cover you in a positive light, and you’ll get your face on TV a lot more than you would otherwise.

Remember Jeff Merkey?

After first claiming he’d removed RCU from the Linux kernel, and then saying he didn’t know what it was, now he’s apparently working on it:

Considering that he knows, or claims to know, all about UnixWare’s internals, you’d think SCO would want to sue him to make him stop contributing to Linux or something.

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