SCO News Roundup

Ok, not much in the way of current news, but

SCO only merits a passing, sarcastic mention in this article about Red Hat

This is from back in mid-May, but I hadn’t seen it before

At that time, Canopy got approval for an expansion. SCOX closed at 4.69 on May 18th, so the pump was already over at that point, and they couldn’t pay for the building with a pile of overvalued stock. I wonder how Canopy’s financing the expansion?

Note that the Lindon city council has a member named Jerald Hatch. It doesn’t look like he’s related to Brent, so far as I can tell.

An even older item, a comment on a LinuxWorld article from 2003

With a theory I hadn’t heard before regarding ways Yarro could shovel cash out of SCO, this time using a Canopy tentacle named DataCrystal.

Even earlier: Here’s a blog page from Feb. 2003

The author went to some sort of “Banker’s Summit” at Canopy HQ, which involved management getting up and shilling various random Canopy tentacles. The author bought it hook, line, and sinker. Toward the end, he mentions that his wife went to high school with the wife of the president of the iArchives tentacle. Which I gather counts for a lot in Utah.

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