SCO News Roundup

The usual selection of news items and other random stuff I came across today, plus plenty of rude anti-SCO comments.

Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz speaks out again.

There’s the usual anti-Linux FUD, but he’s also quoted in relation to SCO:

“We’re confident we don’t have an intellectual property problem but in an odd way a lawsuit from SCO would probably do more to establish our street cred in the open source community.”;1636671030;fp;16;fpid;0
Meanwhile, RHAT is making a new foray into embedded Linux.

They mention in passing that they’ve already taken customers away from SCO.

This company is now focused on embedded Linux (BlueCat, not Red Hat, in this case ).

The first link mentions that in the past they’d worked on such things as an embedded systems version of SCO OpenServer. The second mentions that they’ve contributed kernel code to both OpenServer and UnixWare. And yet here they are, happily doing Linux stuff. It’s a wonder Darl hasn’t sued them yet.

Here’s a handy list of SCO partners, which you can get without visiting SCO’s site:

One of these partners makes casino management software. It looks like their product is only available on OpenServer. No Solaris, no Linux, no Windows, nothing but SCO. That’s what I’d call a bad gamble.

Netcraft says their website is running BSD/OS, a commercial BSD that’s now even more dead than SCO’s products.

SCO’s blurb about the partnership: “Table Trac helps casinos hedge their bets with SCO OpenServer”. Bwhahahaha!!!

Their stock has dropped over 50% in the last year.

Earlier I dropped a fairly useless tidbit about SCO spokesman Marc Modersitzki trying to sell land in Idaho a few years ago.

I thought I’d do a little more research, for the heck of it.

The email address listed on his Usenet post was for a now-defunct Utah company called Erudite Software. Seems like they did games, mostly. I found a reference to him as a tech writer on their 1997 game “The Great Battles of Alexander”:,75587/

This press release shows him at a company called Brodeur Worldwide, in August 2001.

After that, he shows up at Vultus, and presumably SCO got him during the acquisition. Let me point out that SCO now reports the value of all assets acquired in that deal as exactly $0. I don’t know how accounting works on this sort of thing, so I’m not clear on whether he’s included in the $0 figure or not.

He came from Vultus, Stowell came from Lineo, people get shuffled from one Canopy tentacle to another but they never, ever leave, it seems.

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