SCO News Roundup

Much of today’s news is not strictly news, more stuff that I came across while looking for news. Darl’s rant in Cannes has already been covered, as has the latest lost-customer story, so I won’t repeat those.

Here’s a new article about trusted operating systems, which mentions SCO in passing.

Despite all of Darl’s blather about national security, export controls, and so on, SCO is not on the list of OSes evaluated at EAL 3 or above. Red Hat and SuSE are. I guess what we’re hearing from Darl is just empty FUD, not a discussion of the advantages of his own products. There’s a big surprise for you.

(Note that this link now seems to point to a different story, which may be because I’m not a subscriber. Your mileage may vary.) /editorial/tech01.asp?v=10/12

A list of EAL-evaluated OSes can be had direct from the feds here:

The “XTS-400 / STOP” link is worth following. This is an ultra-secure Unix-like OS for x86 hardware, featuring Linux binary compatibility.

Here’s what Gregory Blepp’s been up to lately.

The site claims to be a “networking” site, which I think is a please-oh-please-hire-me site for unemployed tech executives. Tellingly, his occupation is listed as “Entrepreneur”. This is the exec equivalent of an unemployed engineer calling herself a “Consultant”. Seems his profile went up in June, and it’s still there now. Working for SCO’s career poison. We’ve been saying so for a long time now.

I can’t feel too bad about this. I mean, I tried to help him update his resume back when first looked like his job may not be real secure. (In the FAQ at That’ll teach him for not accepting my freely-offered assistance.

Brent Hatch is on the board of a bank, as noted in this press release from last October.

A really weird niche bank: “The Bank will focus on taxicab medallion and other asset based lending.” I guess that means you can borrow money on your taxicab medallion, and Hatch will repo it if you don’t pay up. Nice. Prey on the poor hardworking immigrants, why don’t you?

Tellingly, Hatch’s bio mentions his daddy right up at the top, before discussing any of the work he’s done. I didn’t realize he clerked for Robert Bork at one time. Evil bastard.

Some info on the various lawyers at Hatch, James, & Dodge


Apparently Mark James, who’s written some of SCO’s filings in the IBM case, is a member of something called the Order of the Coif. That sounds like loads of fun, where do I join up?

Hey, kids! It’s Tarantella: The Movie!

Sadly, not “our” Tarantella, though.

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