SCO News Roundup

Not a lot of breaking news today, but some fun tidbits popped up.

CBR’s latest bit from Darl.

This is probably more from the same interview they ran another excerpt from on 10/8. Darl’s disappointed by how SCOSource has been received by the industry.

A choice quote:

“Until the Novell claims are cleared up the clouds over SCOsource will keep it operating at a very low level,” conceded McBride. “We have had a lot of users saying ‘show us a court room victory and then we’ll step up’.”

The interview must have happened during Darl’s Euro-trip. I still haven’t seen any transcripts of his tv interview anywhere.

SGI’s 10-Q mentions SCO as a risk.

Remember the SGI part of the SCO saga? SCO told them their license was terminated, and then — nothing happened. Nada.

The latest fun technical puzzle over on comp.unix.sco.misc

How to add a new WinXP Pro box to an environment that currently has a SCO OpenServer box serving files to a bunch of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 clients? %26btnG%3DGoogle%2BSearch

Okayyy. Nice modern environment there. Watch the questioner shriek in horror when someone mentions using Linux+Samba. It won’t surprise me if the guy ends up solving his problem with donkey carts full of punchcards. That would be about right.

A distraught plea for source code by an anguished Xenix gamer (yes, you read that right)

As usual, no source is available. That’s some real precious IP, after all.

Did you ever think that SCO management was a little fishy?

Apparently, on the island of Trinidad, there’s a freshwater fish called the “yarro”.

The name of this fish is sometimes also spelled “yarau”.

It cannot be a coincidence that “Yarau” — a thinly disguised form of “Yarro” — is also the name of a Wookie Senator in Star Wars Episode 1. Yup. We’ve found the Wookie!

http://shmej. tripod. com/starwars/1.htm

Image: http://shmej. tripod. com/starwars/1/1yar01.jpg

Here’s a clueless investment advice columnist, suggesting that people should invest by copying what funds do.

The first fund company he mentions? Why, Royce, of course. LA969BB1.DTL&type=business

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