SCO News Roundup

Several of these have been reported already.

Here’s the CBR Online article where Darl says the SCO Marketplace program will be like iTunes.

It’s sort of like how you sell a movie idea in Hollywood: You say that (for example) your proposal is like Reservoir Dogs, but starring computer-animated bunnies. Amazingly, this works in Hollywood.

I suspect Darl’s attempt will be less successful. Darl mostly just goes on about one wookie after another. It is a new Darl interview, which we haven’t seen a lot of lately.

If anyone can tell me what this paragraph means, I’d appreciate it:

“We’re in the process of getting ideas about how you take business applications and take them into the future with internet-based applications rather than client/server,” said McBride. “It’s an incubator to extend the business logic into internet-based platforms. Most people don’t want an ASP-only application. You need to blend the two together, what’s running on-site and how do you extend to the Internet?”

I don’t think it means anything, but Darl gets points for using an amazing number of dot-com buzzwords. I think he was just showing off, demonstrating why he’s a big fancy CEO and the rest of us aren’t.

Here’s the EV1 / OSI Hosting story from NewsForge.

SCO’s certainly growing his business.

Here’s a story that mentions SCO from a Disney-centric site.

The author’s mostly talking about the evils of the DMCA, but seems to have a decent handle on the SCO vs. IBM case.

Baystar’s latest PIPE deal involves a natural gas drilling company called NGAS Resources.

The latest menace to Lindon, UT: Gun-crazy snowboarders.

This week’s Lindon-area police blotter.

Looks like Darl’s Xanax habit is really getting out of hand: rticle&sid=3893&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

Further proving Lindon is not a boring place.

They’ve made it legal to run a snake-breeding business out of your home there. Now every Lindon resident has access to a convenient source of snake oil. Yay! rticle&sid=3685&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

PR for a new product by Avinti, another tech company in Lindon.

Their website mentions that vSpring is one of their investors. 4/0002267212&EDATE=

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