SCO News Roundup

Not much in the way of big SCO news today, but I humbly submit these few random tidbits for your enjoyment and edification:

News + Items about SCO proper

SCO’s announced they’re closing the original OldSCO office on Encinal in Santa Cruz. This is going to mess with the local Toastmasters chapter that meets there. Maybe this is just as well — we really don’t want people learning how to talk like SCO executives.

Now you can get a Windows CE-based thin client that can act as a terminal for your SCO Unix system. A match made in heaven, or somewhere:

Here’s the personal website of Ron Record, a 21-year veteran of OldSCO. It’s not clear if he’s still with NewSCO or not, though he was originally listed as a presenter at SCOForum 2004, before SCO removed the list of presenters (which happened just before one of the recent downsizing episodes):

Various tidbits on what Boies & Co. are up to.

These may help explain why SCO doesn’t exactly have the firm’s full attention:

BS&F has an uber-fancy new conference phone system, so when Kimball smacks them down, at least they’re getting smacked down in style:

At least one BS&F partner has been tasked with partying at South Beach, Miami, in an official capacity.

This BS&F guy really multitasks, but mostly at non-BS&F stuff, so he probably can’t be bothered to, you know, depose witnesses in the IBM case or anything. Next time you get a parking ticket in Miami, try demanding a recount. It’ll work as well as anything, I imagine.

More random tidbits from the wonderful world of SCO & Friends…

Canopy (not SCO) actually got a patent last month!

Offhand it doesn’t look like anything we need to worry about, but I’m no PubPat:

Couple of items suggesting that OldSCO was a warm and fuzzy place, back in the day:

A bit of nostalgia about playing Lazer Tag at SCO in 1988.

The Encinal office was reportedly a “dog friendly” workplace:

Also a couple of items suggesting that OldSCO was not so warm and fuzzy:

In 2000, SCO&Caldera (using the same lawyer) opposed a an expansion of public transit access to their business park:

Also in 2000, OldSCO took a hard line lobbying against a proposal to help the homeless in Santa Cruz:

Either way, OldSCO was certainly a lot bigger in the past than NewSCO is now.

At their peak, they reportedly had 1200 employees, 575 of them in Santa Cruz. The story about them moving out of the Encinal office mentioned something like 30 or 40 remaining employees there, banging around a vast, empty, dark, creepy office building.

Random items from elsewhere in Canopyland:

Old story: ViaWest buys in to Center7. Or is it a barter, or what? It’s not clear.

And sure enough, Yarro’s on the board of ViaWest:

Here’s a deal signed between Power Innovations & Center7. They’re both Canopy companies. They sound delighted to be doing business with each other. Like they really had a choice in the matter.

For what it’s worth, here’s Center7’s ex-CTO’s resume:

Yarro on Utah Valley State College biz school’s advisory board. If you study really hard, you can grow up to be a successful and respected businessman just like Ralph Yarro.

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