SCO News Roundup

I look for SCO-related stories on Google News on a regular basis, and every now and then something interesting crops up. /portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20040921005106&newsLang=en

This press release only mentions SCO briefly, as a “risk” under the forward-looking statements section. I started wondering what this “RedHawk Linux” they’re talking about might be, so I started poking around, the way I tend to do.

Here’s a press release about it:

Turns out we’ve got yet another SVR4 Unix licensee in the process of dumping their proprietary OS in favor of Linux. Concurrent Computer Corp. ( makes specialized hardware for simulation, data acquisition, and industrial applications. Their old product line consists of multiprocessor PowerPC hardware running their SVR4-derived Unix OS, known as PowerMAX.

Their new product line is x86-based (Xeon or Opteron), and runs RedHawk Linux, which is a Red Hat-based distro for their hardware, with a pile of additional real-time goodies. There’s also something called PowerWorks Linux, which seems to be a Linux for their PowerPC hardware.

Basically what you see here is yet another reason SCO’s Unix licensing business continues to decline. Not a huge reason in dollar terms, I imagine, but it’s a sign that Linux is moving into more and more market segments, and taking on increasingly mission-critical roles. This can’t be good news for SCO.

Australia’s going to be using RedHawk in their submarines (they have submarines?):

Here, a former Concurrent employee speculates about whether SCO’s going to sue them:

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