SCOForum Roundup

News nuggets from SCOForum 2004 (What, you mean you aren’t attending?)

InfoWorld has a new Darl interview:

Darl talks about USL and says SCO isn’t looking to sue anyone else right now.

Enterprise Linux IT story, which isn’t very good: k-at-Latest-OpenServer-App&story_id=26139

The author seems to confuse OpenServer and SCOoffice Server, but does mention the fact that SCOoffice Server used to be available on Linux not that long ago.

Couple of eChannel Line stories about SCO’s PR for the day:

InformationWeek coverage:

Apparently SCO was crowing about a sales win vs. Linux, where somebody called CSK Auto chose to stay with OpenServer instead of switch to Linux. They’ve been an OpenServer user for 11 years, so it’s not like SCO’s just won a new customer. They basically kept an existing customer in the fold for a while longer. And how, you ask did SCO accomplish this feat? By having features Linux doesn’t! I quote:

The company looked at Linux as a replacement for SCO Unix on its Intel-based server platform, but Linux doesn’t support the 16-bit Xenix-based point-of-sale system upon which its cash registers run. Xenix is the predecessor to 32-bit Unix.

Yup. You sure done got us beat there, Darl. If you need to run old 16-bit Xenix apps, which would date back to when wild 286’s stalked the earth, OpenServer is pretty much your only choice. CSK must have run the numbers and figured it was cheaper to pay SCO than to port or rewrite their old Xenix stuff. Poor bastards.

Doesn’t exactly inspire any confidence that SCO can win vs. Linux when vendor lock-in isn’t a factor.

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